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4 Facts About The Revamp Team

We are a tight nit bunch. This team has been drawn together by something bigger than themselves. Passion for helping people, building a family, and doing the best work possible.


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Our Backstory

Company Founded


James Weis founded Revamp New Media which would later become Revamp Agency LLC. James has worked various full time jobs and moonlighted with Revamp on nights and weekends, determined to build a company that focuses on people over profits, and help companies grow to be able to sustain as many families as possible.

HubSpot Partner


With a handful of website & marketing clients, James became a HubSpot partner and took a leap of faith in June of 2015. While working for AFCO Systems (now Legrand CAC) as the solo marketing manager, James signed AFCO as Revamps first HubSpot retainer client. Legrand CAC is still a Revamp client to this day.

First Hire

Jan 2018

After a successful 2017 of securing projects and retainers for the rest of 2018, employee #1 was hired. Corinne Wight. Corinne is a Pratt graduate with a jaw dropping portfolio of works. Corinne is our Visual Designer and is responsible for our Branding services.

First Office

Feb 2018

Our first office is in a Regus managed building at 200 Broadhollow Road in Melville. Partnering with Regus early on allowed us to stay focused on our clients, and less about office space, desks, phones, internet and other noise that can bog some other companies down.

Growing the team!

March 2018

Megan Williams joined Revamp as our project manager in March 2018. Meg has been working with James since 2015. Prior to joining Revamp, Meg was a HubSpot Channel Manager responsible for working with agencies helping their clients get the most from HubSpot. Today Meg oversees the creative operations for Revamp and is responsible for all HubSpot services. Learn more about Meg here!

Growing services with Video!

April 2018

James Fischer joined Revamp in April of 2018 as our videographer/editor and is in charge of all video production services for Revamp. James (known as Fischer in the office) brings with him creative talent that leaves viewers in awe. Revamp upped its creative game when James joined the team and our clients have benefited greatly from the work we have done together with them. Learn more about James here!

Team boost

Jan-March 2019

To kick off the new year, Revamp is happy to announce 3 additions to the Revamp Team!
Spencer Irwin joins the team from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho as a UI/UX Designer & Webflow Specialist.
Sam Marino joins the team from Denver, Colorado as a Marketing Coordinator & Paid Media Specialist.
Bryan Gimler joins the team from Northport, NY as Jr. Marketing Strategist & Account Manager.

Meet Your Team

James Weis


Meghan Williams

Project Manager

James Fischer

Videographer | Editor

Corinne Wight

Senior Visual Designer | Illustrator

Spencer Irwin

UI/UX Designer

Sam Marino

Marketing Coordinator | Paid Media Specialist

Bryan Gimler

Jr. Marketing Strategist | Account Manager

Luke DiCola

Videographer | Editor

Tom Basgil

Advertising | Lead Gen Specialist

Our Awesome Amazing Clients

Legrand CAC
Asset Vue
Davlen Design
Eat Better Meals
The Little Gym