Marketing Isn't Everything, but it's Damn Important

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

You can’t have a company without sales, and you can't close sales without a story, and you don’t have a story without marketing.

Every company needs a brand because the brand is what the audience reacts to on an emotional level. And the reason they react that way is you have cultivated a brand about which you can tell a good story And then you need a system to create an experience for that audience that turns that emotional connection in a sale.

Of course, marketing isn’t everything. You also can’t tell a story or close sales without also having a product you are eventually planning to ship. But how do you attract high-achieving employees and motivate them everyday without a compelling brand and a story they can brag about to their friends?

While the push in recent years to bring marketing and sales closer together is important and unfinished, marketing should also be closely aligned with growth strategy.

The sales numbers your business needs to hit this year come from somewhere, and that somewhere is also part of the story of your brand. Who are the people working on your company goals? Why are they there?n What does reaching those goals nd hitting those numbers mean to your owner? Your board? Your stockholders? What will it allow the company to do, and why is doing that important to you and your team?

Those are not questions you’d expect to discuss with a marketing agency you hired to build a new website. But you got into business for a reason: because you had a solution to problem in the market that you believed had value to other people. The numbers you have to hit are the numbers that allow you to keep offering that solution to the people who value it. To hit your numbers, you need to tell a compelling story to the right audience at the right moment so they appreciate the value of your solution and are willing to hand over their hard-earned dollars to you.

That’s where marketing comes in. Nothing should be closer aligned to your growth strategy than your marketing strategy. You don’t have a company without a product that is aligned with a market that you can reach with a message.

There are a zillion ways to measure if, and how effectively, a marketing campaign is communicating a message and if that message is resonating with a target audience, but do you know what I love to hear my clients ask?

"Which of these metrics are worthwhile to track if my goal is X?"

Wednesday, September 12, 2018